Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cooking Merit Badge

CookingDelaney knocked off another merit badge last night, sitting down with his counselor to go over his work on Cooking. He took a class, went to a campout and cooked, and then had to cook 9 meals at home, which he did willingly. It was very cool to have him doing some of the kitchen work around here.

I think he’s enjoying it, and he’s learned a few things. He’s still not always cooking when he’s hungry, but he can get a meal ready if we point him in the direction. He even texted me while I was on Grays Peak, asking if he had the recipe for guacamole correct.

That makes 17 for him, I believe. Not an Eagle required but we are trying to get Family Life done next, and working out to make sure that he can get Personal Fitness as well soon. We’re hoping to knock those out by the August Court of Honor.

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