Friday, June 8, 2012

Traveling with my girl

After a crazy night Thursday, with tons of rain dropping and flooding out parts of Colorado, we got up early yesterday and headed to the airport. I got in a quick run and then Kendall and I were off to DIA for our trip to Pensacola.

We had an easy trip to the airport, and an easy time through security.

We grabbed some breakfast, and then were off to our flight.

I'd booked us months ago, using a free ticket for Kendall and mine from work. I managed to get us seats together, which is always a fun challenge when using two different booking methods. We had the middle / window to Houston, a short layover with some lunch and then a quick flight to Pensacola on a tiny plane, which was not thrilling for me.

Rain in Houston usually means some level of thunder activity as well and we had a bumpy trip over to Florida.  I had to stop reading a few times and grab our drinks with some good drops in the plane.

Pensacola is an easy place. Small, our hotel is literally across the street from the airport, and there's a mall and lots of stuff nearby. We got to the hotel and Kendall went for a quick dip in the pool before meeting a friend and his family for dinner.

He brought his 4 kids down from home for the event, and we ended up hanging out and chatting in the food court until the mall closed. Kendall got along well with his boys (13, 14) and his oldest girl (8). They wandered around while the adults chatted, both of us taking turns watching the 2 year old as well.

It was a good night, with a quick shopping trip to Target to grab a few things and then to bed.

Today a fun day with Kendall before a work dinner and then the event tomorrow.

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