Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book #44 - Black Oil, Red Blood

Another freebie, but one that kept me interested. Black Oil, Red Blood is the story of a lawsuit in Texas, between a lawyer new to town that is suing for a former worker of the refinery that employs most of the town. Her main expert witness is killed at the beginning of the book and she's struggling to find a way to get a continuance.

The book runs in a predictable line, with corrupt officials, criminal company men, and a handsome hero that is a detective in the police department, willing to help her once he realizes she's innocent. You can almost guess how each character plays out in the story, and maybe most of the story.

There are a few twists, and the action keeps going. It's hard to tell if this is meant to be a serious thriller that the author thinks could happen, or a Tim Dorsey like farce of the situation. At times I thought it went both ways. The characters are a little shallow, and the writing isn't great, but it keeps moving and kept me interested on vacation.

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