Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book #45 - Raylan

51P5E3KmWhL._AA115_I love the series Justified on TV, but didn’t realize it was based on a book until I was wandering in the library and say Raylan. This isn’t the first book, but it was all that was there, so I grabbed it.

It’s an Elmore Leonard book, and while I enjoy his writing, this one was a little hard to follow. It’s sparsely written, without everything being spelled out, and there are times when he’s moving between characters, or writing as someone might talk in the hills of Kentucky and I wasn’t completely sure I understood the book.

This one is really three stories in one, where they somewhat run together. A dealer ripped off and his kidneys stolen and ransomed back to him, then a protection detail for a coal mining company executive that’s taking advantage of strip mining and ruining peoples’ lives, and a young poker playing college woman that finds herself in trouble.

It feels like 3 episodes of the show in one, and it might be since I missed most of last season. Raylan isn’t as well developed as he is in the show, and I would like to read the first book, but I did enjoy this one, picturing him in my head as I read it.

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