Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Day, Another Flight

We got back from Pensacola today, Kendall and I taking a plane to Chicago and then home this afternoon. I had booked a 1pm flight, and glad I did. It rained all weekend, and we missed the beach, but I managed to get up early, do my run, and then get Kendall up by 9:00 and we headed out. It was fairly calm, and the skies more clear, so we thought we'd hit the beach. However when we crossed the toll bridge, we saw the red flags again. High warning, beach closed.

Not to be deterred, we decided to try and rent something. Along the inner coast of the island, we stopped at a rental place and decided to get a wave runner. Kendall wasn't sure about the stand up paddling, and the owner said there was a decent current. Parasailing didn't interest me, so we did 30 minutes together on a 3 person vehicle.

With only a slight chop in the sound area, we raced around, mixing fast and slow, with some doughnuts and s-turns. I wasn't sure how Kendall would like it, but she loved it, laughing as we raced along. I let her drive briefly, but she was nervous, so she sat in front and let me drive. We almost flipped once, but recovered, and at 25 minutes we were done.

We managed to get a little wet, and do something new. A good trip for us, and fun after being stuck inside all Sunday.

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