Monday, May 17, 2010


dab We went out so late to Dave and Busters on Saturday night that Kendall fell asleep at dinner. She was leaning on me while we had an appetizer and fell asleep before her steak arrived. While we ate, she slept, and so we left after that, coming home.

We got a late start, which was disappointing to me. I had planned to drop everyone off at the restaurant and then go next door to Best Buy and get her a Nintendo DSi XL.

She lost her other DSi, which she’d bought with her own money, along with her old DS, when we flew to the UK. Actually she and Kyle flew alone from Germany to the UK, and after flying all night, they were exhausted. Kyle fell asleep, and Kendall had her DS’s and her iPod in a bad that she left on the plane and then didn’t know what to do. She panic’d a little, and Kyle wasn’t sure what was wrong then, so they were gone. Tia was delayed 4 hours in Frankfurt with Delaney and when they landed, it was chaos and they didn’t want to try and spend another couple hours tracking things down in the airport. When we went back later her bag couldn’t be located.

So she’s lived without devices for a few months. I’ve let her use my iTouch at night for music, though it comes with me at times when I travel. She’s done without the Nintendo as well, and done well. No complaints from her, and she’s accepted that it’s her fault she lost the devices.

dsi-xl-compared-to-dsi However I think that DS was one of the things she played with the most over the two years she had it. She loved it, and when one was lost, she saved money and took it out of her own savings to replace it.

So yesterday I took her after swimming to Wal-Mart and we replaced it. She loved her DSi and took a lot of pictures with it, so I thought she’d want another one. However there’s a new one, the XL, and she wanted that. When she opened it, from the back seat I got a “it’s really XL!”

And it is. It’s got a larger screen and larger size. Not sure if that’s good or bad. You can see the comparison here of the XL in the background and the other one.

I got her one game, and I think she still has a couple of them in the house. My guess is she’s now going to be saving allowance and buying games.

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