Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snap Back to Reality

The relatives are all gone, all of them heading out this morning to the airport for their flights home. After 4 days of people in town, it’s back to reality for the family. Cleaning up, no one in the house, chores, baseball for me, and oh yeah, it’s our anniversary.

It was a great four days. Not wonderful weather on Fri or Sat, but the cousins had a great time hanging out with each other, and the adults had some time to catch up. It never seems like enough time, but it was a good week for celebrating with our kids. Kyle graduated high school, Kendall had her cousins at a birthday party, and Delaney had his extended family watch his black belt candidate belt test. Kids got on horses, we had people at the house, and it was a fun time.

Lots of posts coming, after being almost unwired for a few days.

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