Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

MemorialDay_aI asked Delaney what he thought of the Memorial Day ceremony as we drove home and he said it was “deep.”

We’ve missed the Scout ceremonies for a few years, always being out of town, but since this was a quiet weekend for us, I decided he should go. We got up, ate, dressed in his class A uniform and headed out the a cemetery  a little easy of Elizabeth.

There was a good turnout, with about 10 or 11 Boy Scouts showing up in full uniform. We also had a couple siblings there with a Cub Scout and a Girl Scout there as well. I wish I could have taken Kendall, but she slept over at a friend’s house last night.

So we got there, mingling around with other Scouts. Delaney hanging out with kids, which is good to see. Nice to have him interacting with other kids. He tends to get stuck with a few friends.

The day was nice, warm, but not too hot, and not too windy. A pleasant change from most days where the wind has been howling pretty good.


When is was time for the ceremony, the kids hiked from the parking area to the main flag and lined up.


There were a few speeches from veterans, one local to the area, and the head of the local American Legion post that is in Elizabeth. They were both good speeches about the beginning of Memorial Day, and how we should remember and praise those soldiers fighting for our country.’


It was interesting since I wasn’t aware of a few things. Like this was called Decoration Day after the Civil War, and wasn’t officially changed to Memorial Day until 1971. I also heard that Arlington was formed from Robert E Lee’s plantation, surrendered during the Civil War.


After the speeches the flag was lowered, then raised as we sang the national anthem before being lowered to half mast again as Taps played. It was moving, and I enjoyed it. We had a short reading from a priest, which included the Lord's Prayer. I haven’t said that in a few years, but it was amazing to me that the words just came back to me. I need to help Delaney learn that as it’s one that is used in Scouts regularly.

Afterwards we got a group picture and headed home. Glad that Delaney got to participate.


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