Thursday, May 27, 2010

The NBA Playoffs

Things keep changing around, and while I haven’t watched all the games, I’ve watched good slices of many of them. Cleveland falling apart against Boston was amazing, but just as amazing was Boston playing so hard. It shouldn’t have been. Garnett, Allen, they are tough fighters, and Davis/Perkins are good players that will give the Lakers trouble.

I’m not Celtics fan, and I think that apart from the Lakers or Nuggets winning, I like seeing the Celtics lose next. However I respect their play, and I was a fan of Allen and Garnett before they went there. I do agree with many analysts, however, that Perkins technical foul last night was a bad call. As much as I’d like him not to play and have Orlando make it a 7 game series, that was a bad call.

And that’s a problem in the NBA. Officiating is poor, and very inconsistent. They need to better manage the officials calling the game correctly rather than favoring stars.

I don’t know what will happen there, but it’s nice to see a good series there.

On the other side, I thought the Lakers would run through Phoenix, but they haven’t. They’re not attacking the basket, which is surprising with 3 bigs in there. They’re not playing enough in and out, and they’re doing too much dribbling the ball and setting up a post play or an outside shot.

I’ll give great credit to Phoenix, however, they really showed up for games 3 and 4. They played well, and they deserved to win, playing lots of defense and forcing outside shots from the Lakers.  Looking forward to seeing what happens there.

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