Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chores, Chores

I got up and checked email while Delaney ate. Even though it’s a day off, I didn’t want anything crazy to happen, and I wasn’t sure that anyone was actually watching the site while I’m away. Everything was fine and after the kids were at school I started on the day.

First up was the driveway. It’s worn away, and while we need some more roadbase to put down, it also needed some cleanup after the winter snows and rains recently. So I fired up the tractor and went up and down 5 or 6 times, slowly cleaning stuff off the sides and pushing it to the middle. It looks much better, and a few holes are filled in. That will be good with people coming this weekend for Kyle’s graduation.

Then it was a short trip down to Castle Rock, running my father-in-law who doesn’t drive, down there for an appointment. A short shopping trip had me back to the house where I started cleaning up outside and moving some trash, wood, and junk from around the house to the barn and out to the street for trash day. I was doing well when it started raining. In fact, I had just gotten the mower going, threading the belt in there correctly and given it to Kyle to start cutting when the rain came down.

Things look better, but there’s more to do. Looks like there will be more work happening tomorrow.

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