Friday, May 28, 2010


We finally made it. Our plan was to take Kendall sometime this week, and she’d been asking nearly every day. We didn’t go with the cousins since we ended up hanging at the house Sat night, and finally we went last night.

28539_1455842684951_1499853552_1155217_1569218_n[1] We ate on the way, so we walked in, charged $100 on cards and started playing. Tia and Delaney were immediately in zombie shooting mode. Kyle watched them and Kendall and I headed to look for horses.

She always likes a horse racing game where you roll the balls up and depending on which hole it drops through, your mechanical horse moves. We played a few games, me winning both and getting us some tickets.

Then it was off to horse racing game two. A virtual horse racing game where you birth and take care of a horse, racing it on the circuit and watching it grow up. She had left her horse card at home, the one she’s used over the last year the few times we’ve gone to D&B, so she had to birth a new horse. She chose the parents and we had “Cutie”, who we ran through a few races. Fortunately I had a beer with me since the game moves slow.

Then we headed over to some of the ticket games. I know what people playing slot machines feel like as we played one that’s like roulette, where you guess where the ball will land, and then one where you drop in coins on a moving stack and try to get them to fall off the edge. We’re pretty good at the latter, and we both ended up with hundreds of tickets while playing.

I managed to escape the game eventually once our cup was overflowing with tickets. We headed over to another zombie game next to Tia and Delaney where I started playing, and Delaney joined in. We managed to get a good way into the game with our shotguns blasting before we were killed by a boss and ran out of credits.

We found Tia engrossed in Tokyo Cop, chasing down the bad guys and having a great time while Kendall and Kyle raced snowmobiles next to them. We went to trade in our tickets and found that with our efforts last year and last night, we had 3850 tickets. Kendall found that horse above, which is nearly as large as her, and wanted it, but it was 3,999. Kyle gave us about 100, but we were around 50 short, so Kendall and I headed right back to our coin game, slipping in some tokens and getting a few hundred more tickets in a few minutes. Kendall got her horse, was thrilled, and we have 350 left for Delaney to spend next time we go.

A good family night.

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