Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Fun Day

Yesterday was a kid day for the most part. Tia left early for her 2 day horse clinic, so we slept in a bit, I cooked some breakfast for kids and worked a bit. Then a quick run before taking Delaney to karate. While he was there, Kendall played with kids before we headed out for an afternoon of fun. We had planned to see a movie, but we had a few hours to kill.

First was lunch, where we debated where to go. Everyone wanted something different, and I was thinking to get the kids something new. As we turned onto Arapahoe Road, all of a sudden Delaney remembered Orange Julius up on the corner of Parker Road. Kendall jumped all over it and I couldn’t convince them to any thing else. So it was hot dogs and Orange Julius for lunch. Ketchup for Kendall, chili-cheese for Delaney and I.

Apparently Dairy Queen bought Orange Julius a few years back and has slowly integrated some restaurants. This was one and the was little choice on the menu for food. Basically limited hot dog choices and mostly dairy queen desserts and smoothies there. No hamburgers, chicken, nothing else. Not my favorite lunch, but the kids enjoyed it. I can’t remember the last time I had a hot dog.

Then it was off to the batting cage. It was supposed to be a 30 minute time for me, but it ended up being fun for the kids. I hit a few tokens worth, missing a lot on the first 2-3 before I started to see the ball slow down and connected on some good ones. I had some solid hits, but there were times where I under-swung a few. Fouled quite a few off. I don’t think I hit any up on the letters, and got quite a few of them. However I went down and got a bunch of low ones. Have to remember that for next week.

When I took a break, Kendall wanted to swing a little. Since it was deserted, I stepped into a netted area with her and tossed her a few balls from the side while she swung. Surprisingly she hit quite a few. Later I tossed some to her from bout 15 ft and she hit most of them. Delaney saw me doing that and wanted a turn, so he got some swings while I tossed from the side and hit most of them himself. They were having fun and wanted to play some catch after I got done tossing some at them from behind the screen. So I hit another token, hitting most of the 16, while they tossed the ball back and forth to each other.


When we got done, we started to drive back to the movie theater, but Delaney remembered the virtual roller coaster at Family Fun Center. They wanted to go for one ride, so I said OK and we went in for one ride. I bought 6 tickets (I thought) and they both got on the virtual ride. When they got done, for some reason they still had 3 tickets left. Kendall asked for bumper cars, and I said OK. As I was pulling out money for bumper cards, the girl running it just let them in. Another slow day, so it worked out and they went back and forth, just the two of them, banging into each other.

I managed to get them out after that, heading to Best Buy. I’ve been looking to pick up a new sensor for the Nike + as well as a show pocket for my trail shoes. I also wanted to show them an iPad while we were there. However when we walked in there was a large display out front of various technologies, including a NuMark DJ station. Both kids were fascinated by that and played with it while I tracked down my purchases. I somehow managed to get them to walk over to the iPads and let them play.

“Oh my God, Dad, I want one of these for my birthday.”

That was what Kendall said. She was taken with it, especially some pet game on it. Delaney was in a similar mood, thinking that it was very cool, especially the Rock Band and racing games. It’s interesting to see that reaction. Afterwards as we drove to Furry Vengeance, they both said that it was cool, and better than the iTouch. I think the size wow’d them, but I wonder if it would be that good. Especially with the fact that it would be shared. I think that’s one of those issues with these devices. They are limited to one person as communication devices. I wonder if there’s a way to get around that easily.

We saw a movie, a silly movie that the kids loved, and I endured. Then it was back to the house for a quiet night. Some pizza, some TV, horse chores, a quiet day.

And a good one. Lots of fun for the three of us with the other two gone.

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