Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Game

Another loss, but it was still fun. An early morning game, 8:30am, but on a local field in Parker. It’s a good field for me where I’ve hit lots of home runs, but not today. Actually none today, despite some good power on both sides, but 5 balls to the fence, including one of mine. Mine was a rip down the right field line that rolled, but after an 0-3 start, I’d take it.

Once again pitching failed it, with lots of walks and trouble getting people out. We didn’t make a lot of errors, though I messed up twice at first. My right ankle was bothering me and I was glad to be over there, but on a pick off the pitcher I got lazy and didn’t extend to the right and missed it. Then there was a pop up in short right behind me that was spinning and drifting, and I couldn’t get under it. I tangled up my feet and just didn’t retreat deep enough. Just a bad play on my part, especially for an ex-catcher.

At the plate I struggled a bit. I felt relaxed, breathing out as the pitcher came set and I like that he worked fast. Lots of fouls, but I popped 3 up in the deep infield. Two were dropped and I got on base, but they should have been outs. Finally in the last at-bat, us down 19-5, the first 4 people ripped hits and we managed two runs. I came up with 2 out, and ripped a 1-2 pitch down the right field line for a single. It made it to the fence, but the right fielder was playing deep and tight, so it was a single. An RBI, so I can’t complain.

Overall we played better, but still with mistakes. I scooped a couple at first, and I used my first baseman’s mitt, deciding to trust it. Still our pitching killed us, so we’ll see if we can pick up another guy sometime and get through some games with a closer score.

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