Friday, May 28, 2010

New Tires

We’ve had a tire on the Prius with a slow leak for a week. Every other day or so I’ve needed to fill it with air as it will run down to the ground in about 36 hours. I went by the other day to get it fixed, but they were busy, so I came back today after it ran down at Dave & Busters last night.

I dropped it off, walked over to get lunch, and then came back, sitting down to work a bit when the manager came over. She explained to me that the back tires were at 2mm or less, not repairable. They’d worn out and the fronts weren’t far behind.

Worn out, about 25-30k miles after they went on. That is disappointing. They were Yokohamas, and the manager said they were a bad choice. There wasn’t much left, but the manager gave me some warranty back on them, knocking off $38 off each new $95 tire. so about $160 savings, which was good. Nice to see some customer service. I don’t know if that was better than if I’d gotten them on sale, but it was nice to have them talking to me and trying to make me feel better about an unexpected expense.

I thought they were low when I was filling the tires, and I’m not thrilled with the Yokohamas. I got new Bridgestone tires today for $400 and they are supposed to last 50k miles. We’ll see.

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