Friday, May 28, 2010

Book #42 – Deception

54972959[1] I haven’t read an Alex Delaware in a long time, but I had some money, and I’ve missed the series, so I grabbed Deception. As usual, someone is dead, but the case is already open when Milo shows up to Alex’ house. He has a video, made by the victim, that tells of sexual harassment at her employer, an exclusive prep school.

Milo, and Alex, are assigned the case, but told to use discretion. The chief of police has a kid at the school banking on Yale, and they don’t want bad press that might affect his application. So they are hampered, which doesn’t sit will with Milo.

Different than some of the others in this series, almost the whole book is Alex tagging along with Milo as they search out the boyfriend, then each of the teacher’s accused, a former student, and more. Delaware does a great job leading the reader along, making you think that each new suspect is likely to have committed the crime.

When the boyfriend shows up dead, we have new suspects to chase, Milo going against orders,  and confronting the chief. It’s a great mystery, and one of the more enjoyable Delaware novels. I might have to pick up a few of the ones I’ve missed in recent years.

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