Friday, May 28, 2010

Buzzer Beater

We went to Dave and Busters last night to celebrate Kendall’s birthday. This time she stayed awake and we played games. However I managed to catch a few minutes of the Lakers/Suns game and thought that the Lakers had it well in hand.

Then I saw the Suns tie it with 3.5s left. I was sure overtime was coming, and walked away with Delaney, looking for the family. We walked by another TV a few minutes later, just in time to see the buzzer beater by Artest. Amazing, and lucky for the Lakers. The way the game turned, or must have turned, didn’t bode well for them in OT.

Quite a series, and the Suns are proving that they’re a good team. Definitely worthy of being in the conference finals, though I don’t think they’ll run the series. I did think Kobe got fouled, but I’m glad the officials let them play. You hate to decide the game with a foul in that situation.

Now if the Magic can just win tonight.

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