Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book #39 - The Lab

I've given my son a few books over the years, so a week or so ago he walked in my room and gave me The Lab. He said it was a good book and I should read it. So when I had a moment I did pick it up.

It's a British, teenage, spy thriller of some sort. We read (in the first person) about Agent Six of Hearts, a genetically modified, grown human that is 16 and acts as one of the spies for an rebellious organization called The Deck. They are opposing Chaosonic, and The Lab, apparently some corporation that controls and runs the city in which they live. A huge city surrounded by a Seawall.

Agent Six is faster and stronger than most humans, apparently due to animal DNA spliced in with his own. He seems fairly unstoppable until he meets another agent, supposedly from The Lab, that was grown from the same batch that he was.

The book seems to go through a couple missions, and then an attack on Deck HQ by The Lab where everyone is captured except Agent Six. Six goes to rescue them, but we find him starting to question who he is. At the beginning of the book he's aloof, standoffish, and doesn't understand humans. He doesn't consider himself to be one. As the book progresses, and he meets not one, but two people with his abilities that still see themselves as human, he starts to wonder if perhaps he's been viewing the world wrong.

It's short, not great writing, and seems to skip around without the details for us to fully understand the world in which they live, but I did enjoy it. My son wants the second one, which I'll have to get for him.

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