Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Hate Walks

I don’t care about the score, don’t care much if we win or lose, or even if I hit well. I’d prefer to get more balls hit to me in the field, but I hate walks.

And we had a lot today.

We used six pitchers, primarily because they were walking so many people. I know we walked in at least 3 runs, and maybe more with the bases loaded. Through 5 innings, I think we had 3 balls hit to the outfield, none of them hard. I played center and had none. I backed up a catch in left, I chased down a short fly behind second before the right fielder got there, but that was it. A few errors on muffed grounders, but for the most part we beat ourselves. And boy did we at 24-11.

At the plate I was an 0-4 with a popout, a deep fly out to center, a FC grounder between first and second, and a strike out. The strike out bugs me since I moved up in the box and the guys didn’t do much with the ball, but it was slow and dropped out from under me. Just a bad swing on my part.

It felt like we were out there forever, down 15 runs after 5.5 and having to go out there again. It’s going to be a long season if we can’t get some people to throw strikes. Our manager at least went in there and threw lobs at the plate for an inning. They hit him, but a couple hits and then we made a couple plays for outs. I’d rather see that.

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