Monday, May 31, 2010

A Sore Back

My lower back is a little sore today, tight and tired. Calling it a day early, in bed with a heating pad, trying to do a little work after a couple busy days.

Yesterday I worked on landscaping, cleaning out old mulch from the back of the house, scraping dirt to slope down to the edging, and then refilling it with rocks. Between standing up and sitting down to lay down weed barrier, and then using a shovel to clean out mulch or put down rocks, it was a lot of muscle use that I wasn’t use to. I got the rear done, now need to do the side, but I was beat, so I quit then. I lay down for 30-40 minutes after a shower and then struggled to get up and find food. Everything hurt.

I didn’t sleep great, and felt stiff this morning, but not horrible. I got Delaney to his Memorial Day Scout ceremony, came back thinking to do some chores, but decided instead to go bike riding with the kids. Delaney stayed home, but the rest of us packed up the bikes after I spent a little time trying to adjust things and pumping air, and headed down to the Cherry Creek trail.

My plan was to run for a mile and then grab the bike. Tia and the Ks left, heading up the trail and I jogged after them. Surprisingly my back felt OK as I jogged for 15 minutes, coming back to grab my bike. I started down the trail, thinking I’d catch everyone coming back. I got about a mile down the road before my rear tire went flat.


I then had to walk back, everyone catching me and passing me on the way back. I think that walk, slightly bent over pushing the bike probably didn’t help my back. But I got back, and we had an early dinner at Noodles before heading home.

Tia went to play horses, the kids jumping on the tramp, and I’m lying in bed. I tried some ice, now trying heat, hoping to loosen things up. I’m sure I’ll be fine in a few days, and luckily I’m out of town next weekend so no rocks for a couple weeks.

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