Thursday, May 27, 2010

No More Navy Little League

I started playing T-ball on the Navy fields on Hampton Blvd, in Norfolk, VA, back in the 70s. Probably 74 or 75, and I loved playing there. I had a good coach, a great team, and I was an all-star catcher for the team. I got pulled up to the minor league team at the end of the year, and was semi-crushed. It wasn’t as much an honor as it was taking me away from my team. I still remember seeing balls thrown at me and being terrified, but I did manage to hit one.

Kids won’t do that any longer as the Navy is kicking out the Little Leaguers from the fields. Apparently this is a possible crash zone for the airfield down the road, and there is some concern. Since the field and the airfield have been there for years, I’m not sure what the problem is now. There’s also the case that a major road crosses near there and I don’t see anyone asking the road to move.

If there were an accident, I’m sure people might be looking to sue the Navy, so maybe it’s not a horrible idea, but it’s sad that kids won’t get to play there. I remember those fields, near a few ponds, and they are a great place to play.

Hopefully Norfolk will come up with some other fields, maybe even use some at the local college and keep kids playing baseball.

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