Friday, May 21, 2010

New Grad

Kyle is done with school.

That’s what I told Delaney as we headed away from Kyle’s graduation on Friday. Delaney asked if Kyle was going to college, and he is, but he’s done. Hopefully he’ll finish college, but he doesn’t have to go.

He had his graduation today, which was smooth for him, but getting 14 of us there was a hassle. We weren’t sure where to meet, we went in 3 cars, and our timing wasn’t great. Tia and I, with the little kids, were actually the latest to get there, and we had the tickets. There were two sides, and we were having a hard time coordinating things together.


Kyle was fine, and it was neat to hear his name and see the graduation. It wasn’t too long, and not too hard on the little kids, ours and 3 cousins.


We were proud of him, and I think the kids were, though it means more to Delaney than the others since he’s the oldest of the other kids.


Afterwards we headed back to the ranch, where I cooked some food, we braved 20mph winds for a little bocce and then had some people show up. Friends of ours, as well as quite a few teenagers came by to congratulate Kyle and give him some presents for his efforts.

All in all a fun day that lasted into the early evening and was enjoyable for everyone.

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