Saturday, May 29, 2010

Too Much Testosterone

Tia and I were talking about things while running errands, and I mentioned the Delaney was getting tougher. A few of the ladies at karate mentioned that he was getting a little meaner, more like me when they work out in drills. Tia said I could be mean, and that I had too much testosterone.

I'd agree. Last night we started watching Invictus, and we were both tired, a few drinks each for us. Tia fell asleep, but once they started showing the rugby matches, and the scrums, I woke up. Lots of memories for me, pushing against people, tackling, getting tackled, being hit hard. I loved that stuff. I wish I'd had someone push me at a younger age to play football and take more of that.

I definitely like things a little rougher, a little tougher. I'm hoping Delaney develops more of that if he wants to be in the military.

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