Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your Favorite Super Hero

I went to have lunch with Kendall at school today. She was happy to have me, and sat next to me, smiling, and leaning her head on my shoulder as we ate and chatted. She picked a spot away from other kids, and I wasn’t sure why. After lunch I walked outside with her, thinking that I might play with her at recess for a bit. However we sat there and she asked if I was leaving. I asked her back if I should or should I play with her and her friend, Vicky. She said I should leave because

“having you play with us would be odd.”

So I’m the odd Dad now? It was fine, I definitely had work to do, so I headed out.

While I was in the school, I snapped this photo of a project Kendall did.


I’m not sure who my super hero would be. I always liked Batman and the Green Lantern, but Underdog is pretty cool as well.

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