Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 2010 Court of Honor

Last night was the March Court of Honor for Delaney at Scouts. He’s had a quiet year, but we’ve made steady progress.

We missed the December Court because of a school concert, so he had a few badges roll over, but last night he received:

  • Second Class Rank
  • Aviation Merit Badge
  • Metalworking Merit Badge
  • Space Exploration Merit Badge
  • Law Merit Badge

It was pretty cool, and he got to pin the 2nd class pin on the Mom’s ribbon that I wore. I had forgotten it for the July Court, so this was the first time he got to do that.

It was nice, and I’m definitely proud of his progress. After a year in Boy Scouts (and a month), he’s earned:

  • 3 ranks
  • 7 merit badges, and close to an 8th

That’s great progress, and better than I expected. We were hoping for 2 ranks and 6 badges, so he’s moving along nicely. There were three Eagles recognized as well, which is amazing. I think this troop has a better than average record of getting kids through and it seems that Delaney is well on his way.

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