Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am tired. It’s the middle of about 7 weeks of work travel for Tia or I, and that wears you down. Even if I’m not traveling, I have to manage kids and horses by myself, and find time for skiing :)

I worked a little last night at Boy Scouts since it was a crazy evening. I went skiing during the day, then worked a bit in the afternoon before Delaney and I left at 5. We had to pick up Kendall, race to get some dinner and then get Delaney to scouts for his Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review. He passed both, and so he has his second class rank coming next Tuesday. That’s exciting since we’ve been working on it awhile.

He had hoped to get it my December, or at least that was our plan last summer. However the pressures of life, karate, and busy school time with cello had us slowing down. He did earn a few merit badges, and turned in another last night, so he should have 3 merit badges along with a rank coming. Good progress in a year. Now it’s on to first class.

I had planned to work after kids went to sleep, but I had to feed horses and then Delaney felt a little sick. I got him through homework and to bed, but it made for a long night. I was beat at the end and watched a little TV before falling asleep. I just didn’t have the energy to concentrate through any editing or writing.

So a busy couple of days now. With a trip to Cambridge coming next weekend, I need to get things prepped as much as I can for travels.

I am really looking forward to April and my wife being home with me.

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