Monday, March 8, 2010

I need a routine

I’m off today, after being gone part of last week and the weekend at the SQL Saturday #33 in Charlotte, NC. I left Thur morning and got back late Saturday, before getting up early Sun morning to see my wife off on her CA trip.

One of the things I realized about myself a few year ago is that I crave routine. I can tolerate some small changes, like picking a new place for lunch, but big changes in my routine really disturb my ability to focus and concentrate. It’s a subtle distraction, but it can really impact work.

Being gone on Thur messed me up, and while I got some work done Fri, it wasn’t a lot. In the airport, and on my travels home, I was a little out of sorts, tired, and didn’t work, and didn’t do much of anything yesterday either. It was a day to relax, and while Kendall and I spent a few hours on her science project, for the most part I read, watched basketball or TiVo, and did nothing. I just couldn’t muster up energy.

That’s as opposed to times when I’m busy at work, but in my routine. I end up trying to fit multiple things into my day because I’m motivated, but also in a routine that works.

Doing better today, but with Tia gone, I’m still struggling to get into a routine.

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