Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Always Something

We got a call that the washer in our rental had died and needed to be repaired/replaced. Our management company said it could be repaired, but it would only be about $30 more for a new one. We decided to check around ourselves, mostly to be sure that we got something we were happy with. I’m somewhat concerned at times that the company might not pick something decent out. I’d hope that’s not the case, but I have this fear that they’d get a reconditioned one, or that they’d spent $400-500 on one.

So I checked Best Buy and they had some in the $300 range. If this were Va, I’d go to one of the used appliance places I’ve used before, but here in Denver I wasn’t sure where to go, and this is the easiest. Plus I had some Best Buy credit, so I used that as well. Walked in tonight, 15 minutes later I had one slated for delivery on Monday.

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