Friday, March 19, 2010

The iPhone Sync

I’m going to do it, finally sync my iPhone to the new laptop. I’ve been avoiding it for a few weeks since it’s a pain whenever I do this. I’ve done this twice with different laptops and each time while things have worked, it’s also been a bunch of setup again on my side to get things working. Things like my Amazon app lose their books, settings, it’s a pain.

Not sure why the movement to computer isn’t smoother, or why iTunes doesn’t have an easy way to ensure everything moves, but it doesn’t.

In any case, I’m double worried since I have a jailbroken iPhone. I was really sweating the first time I did this, worried I’d brick my phone, but I didn’t. It worked, and that was great since I like using iTunes to rearrange music, buy it, etc. Especially since I move stuff onto multiple iPods (I have 3).

Fingers crossed, we’ll see how this goes.

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