Monday, March 15, 2010


This morning. I woke up night, a  little warm. I noticed I had a little girl that had crawled into bed with me, but it still felt warm. That has happened because a door is cracked and letting in cold air, so I went to check, but nothing looked off, so maybe it was the little girl.

Then I woke up around 4, struggled to sleep, and felt like Daylight Savings Time had hit today when the alarm went off at 6:12. Getting Delaney up was hard, but he got moving, only to have him come downstairs with a wet cough and a tired expression. I had cooked breakfast, so I have him eat some and then it was Nyquil and back up to bed.


I worked a bit and then went back up to my room to find the picture above. Two little kids in my bed, both fast asleep. I managed to get Kendall up and to school without waking Delaney, but it was hard for both of us.

Now a cup of coffee and horse feeding has me more awake, but I am betting that tonight will come quickly.

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