Monday, March 22, 2010

Book #27 – The Clone Betrayal

51R8jTUdBnL._SL500_AA300_ Number 5 in the Clone series from Stephen Kent, and a great one. I thought the last one, with the battle against the Avatari was a little dry. Not quite as exciting as earlier ones, but The Clone Betrayal is great. Harris the Liberator clone is back on Earth when the problems after the battle for New Copenhagen is blamed on the clones. They are packed up and shipped to a base in Texas. Then they’re sent to another planet, one of the first that the Avatari captured.

It’s an interesting story as Harris is promoted to the leader of the clone army, a General no less. However he must struggle with the issues of command, where he can’t just fight and kill everyone. It’s an interesting new level of development in his life. He must deal with a reverend army officer on one hand, the rigors of command on the other, and Earth looking to attack on the last one.

Ray Freeman returns in this book, as does a love interest for Harris and some sexual issues for the clones. Definitely an adult book, but it puts the clone series back on track, and the afterward mentions more books to come. I’m looking forward to them.

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