Friday, March 19, 2010


I’m heading to the UK tomorrow, Sat, and coming back the following Tues. That’s 10 days worth of clothes by my count. I grabbed the large suitcase, thinking that I’d have extra room, but 10 days of socks, workout clothes, running shoes, etc. is filling it fast.

I was thinking that I didn’t need to pack that much, but that’s not true. It is going smoother. I tested my kensington iPod charger today and it charged my iTouch back up. Hopefully it will get me through this flight if I need it.

I’ve started traveling with two laptops, just in case, after a failure last year. I’m not presenting over there, but I might need to get some things done, and being without a laptop, especially in another country where I wouldn’t want to buy one, worries me. I synced up my iPhone (it worked), as well as loaded a new CD into my iTouch for listening on the road. I also loaded up some images of software on the laptop that I can install and get some VM stuff done next week. I’ll be looking for a crash course in our software, so I want to be prepared for that.

Passport, check.

Nano for running, check.

I have my travel pillow (thanks, Mom), shaving blades, extra contacts, and I think everything I need. The Flip is going to be my camera while I’m share, shooting video, and perhaps just grabbing still from that.

I think I’m ready, now I just hope I make it to the airport on time. It was snowing pretty good as we hit town for Kendall’s piano lessons tonight and Tia had a rough drive back in the Prius. I think they’ll drive me in the truck tomorrow, just to be sure we get there. I’m guessing we’ll leave between 9 and 9:30 since the highway was accident ridden today.

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