Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book #28 – The Silent Sea

From the Argentinean jungle to the South Pole via Washington. I enjoy the Oregon Files from Clive Cussler and Jack de Brul and The Silent Sea did not disappoint. It grabbed me at the beginning with the tales of a treasure pit on an island in Washington State. That reminded me of the famous Oak Island who’s puzzles no one ever solved. In this case some brothers explore it at the beginning, certain they’ve solved the mystery, but one dies.

From there we jump to Juan and his crew invading Argentina to recover part of a satellite that was shot down. The rest of the book is a chase, as Juan tries to solve a mystery before the Argentineans can complete their plans.

I hate to give it away, since it’s an interesting story. It’s not necessarily a great piece of writing, and I’m sure some people would complain that Juan and a major in the army of Argentina keep running into each other, alternately getting the better of one another. Starting in Argentina, then Washington, then Mississippi, then Argentina again,and finally Antarctica. It’s contrived, but it’s an action novel. Enjoy the read.

The plot, while fantastic, is kind of exciting. Juan isn’t working for the government in this one, but for himself. We also see him lose a friend in this one, which was a shock to me. It’s a good one to continue the adventure if you liked the others.

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