Monday, March 1, 2010

Dodge Ram 2500 60K Service

So Tia pinged me to say that the truck was going to cost $750 to get the 60k service, and repair her recline lever on the driver side. She thought that was a lot, and it seemed high to me, but I haven’t done much with diesels. It seemed to me that when I got the oil changed in it, it was as expensive as my 911, which is pricey. We knew the lever was about $200, so is $550 expensive?

I searched on the Internet a little to see what places charged. That was hard as most of them didn’t list a price, which is dumb. For set service, oil change, 30k service, etc., just list a price. It’s not like you won’t tell us if we call, and a phone call is likely a waste of both of our time. I found a couple people that said they spent about $250-300 in parts and did it themselves, with the dealer wanting double that. Those were a few years old, so I called the local Dodge dealer.

$868 + tax

Whew, that’s a pretty penny. I bet that the lever replacement from them would be $300 or more.

Dealers are digging their own holes here. It seems to me that they ought to compete better on all service, at more of a price point that matches other shops. I don’t think they provide that much more of a guarantee or level of quality, especially these days.

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