Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winding out third gear

A friend pinged me today on an issue at work, and then asked how the Porsche was doing. It was lonely, with a dying battery from a lack of driving. We’ve had fairly constant snow or mud on the ground for the last few weeks and I haven’t had it out of the garage. As a matter of fact, I rolled it out on Sunday to do some woodworking, and then it wouldn’t start to get back in. Had to push it.

My plan today was to jump start it for a run into town. I had to go for work and since it was sunny, and the driveway is dry, I wanted to go. However things didn’t work out. I had to take Tia to get her truck and we were slightly pressed for time with work, so we just took the Prius to town.

However this afternoon I got an email back from my friend saying I should “do it, do it” and “wind out third gear” in the Porsche. I agreed. It’s a warm, beautiful 60F in Denver, so I jump started the Porsche and drove it up to get Kendall from the bus. I even took Onyx for a ride with me.

After dropping Kendall off, I headed down the road, looking to kill 15 minutes before Delaney came home. I cruised up Delbert, which is a 40mph zone until I hit a valley near the little airport. Sunny, I could see about a 1/2 mile ahead, no deer, no cars, and I dropped it down to 3rd and wound it up to 5000rpm, getting to about 65 pretty quickly.

I braked it back down quickly and then headed home to get Delaney. It’s no Bugatti Veyron, but it’s a lot of fun to drive.

We’ll take it to karate tonight, with just the two of us, and enjoy the trip.

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