Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Ski Thursday

Got a late start today, which was OK. I got some time with my wife, which hasn't been the case for two weeks with our travel schedules. It was nice to sit and

By the time I got going it was almost 9, and Kendall told me she "doesn't like late starts." That made me smile, and I didn't argue. With Tia leaving town, I'm happy to hang out here and get some work done. Perhaps I'll get the chance to go tomorrow if we don't get too much snow.

As much as I could use the break on the slopes, and it would feel great to ski, I needed some rest and sleep as well. It's been a hard two weeks, and I've been exhausted every night. Fell asleep early both the last two nights and I needed a relaxing, no need to get up at any time, morning.

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