Friday, March 19, 2010

Book #24 – Treasure Hunt

51HNgkvSBEL._SL500_AA240_ I love John Lescroat, and he’s one of the 3 or 4 authors that I just buy the book for when it comes out, not checking the content or description. I actually saw this book while traveling in an airport, stopped, and bought it through Amazon right there.

Treasure Hunt is another “Hunt Club” book, which I actually want to re-read. I have the paper copy somewhere and I want to remember a little more background. This one focuses a little more on Mickey, employee of the Hunt Club at the beginning before moving on to Wyatt Hunt later.

It starts a few weeks after the last book ends. In that one their investigator, boyfriend of Tamara, turned out to have fooled them all and was a murderer. He was exposed by Hunt at the end, after Gina Roake made investigator Juhle look like an idiot. He was acting like one, but that didn’t change things.

After that Tamara stopped coming to work and eating, and Mickey avoided home. Business is almost dried up, but Mickey discovers the body of a well known charity executive one morning. He has this idea that he can help the police with information by setting up a reward with the charities. Hunt isn’t sure, but goes along since he has no choice with the matter. He manages to get a reward posted, starts collecting info, and things move from there.

As you might expect in a Lescroat novel, the police start looking at the wrong suspect, in this case a girl that drove the exec around and who Mickey seems to like. Hunt plays it safe, and while there isn’t quite the action there is in other books, it’s definitely a mystery thrilled. I wasn’t sure who was to blame until the end, actually fooled a bit.

A great read, and one I found hard to put down over the last few days.

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