Friday, March 5, 2010

Fat Tire in NC

I went out to meet the SQL Sentry folks and some other speakers last night, cruising up North of Charlotte to Huntsville. We ended up in a pub and I was looking for a beer. After two short, though bumpy flights on little planes, which I do not like, and a run, which felt good, I was ready for beer. I asked the young lady for an ale or a lager, and she asked what do I regularly drink. I said Fat Tire, from Fort Collins, CO, and she said they had it!

That was good. It was surprising with a limited release of the beer, I usually have trouble finding it outside Colorado. We had good conversations, and it was nice to catch up with a few people that I missed when I canceled the MVP Summit last month. We had a nice pub dinner, a good chat, and then it was back for an early night for me. I watched the Lakers/Heat before falling asleep, and waking up too early.

Looking forward to catching up with some people today before the Bobcats / Lakers tonight.

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