Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taking After Dad

Last night Kendall wanted to write a story. She was excited at karate and she had planned this with Tia, so she ran upstairs right away and I found her dictating to Tia. She kept talking last night, and even some this morning while eating breakfast. I’m not sure it’s done, but here’s the start of it:

A Story of Different Species

Once upon a time in the deep woods, there lived a very small tiger, a very small lion and a very young fox cub. The fox cub was youngest of all. The three cubs played together every day and almost all the time. When they heard danger and hunters, they scattered back to where ever they were safe. One day, the fox cub was playing with the tiger. They didn’t hear danger lurking by. A moher cougar had been hunting. By the time they realized the mother cougar was there, she was only just a couple yards away. The fox cub scattered to run. The tiger cub was too frightened to move. So, the fox cub ran right back to his friend. Before the mother cougar could pounce… the fox cub said, “Run!”

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