Monday, May 19, 2014

Wall Squats

At PT today I moved up to wall squats. Things were looking, and feeling good, with my flexion almost full. So I got 3 new exercises. Clam, leg openers, which work to glutes nicely, were first. I think I need to add those to my routine of exercises for both legs.

I also started bridges, which I have done in yoga. I think I’ll add those to daily work along with planks. I added in planks last night, just 45s, but I want to work up to something closer to 5 min and they’re a great core exercise.

Then wall squats. Tia was asking when I’d do those, and I know she was up to 5 or 10 minutes ones by the end of her PT. I started with just constant up/down items today, not getting too close to 90 degrees. I did 10, with about a 30s hold at the end. I am worried about going low, but those will give me some good quad movement as I heal.

So far PT is easy, which is fine. I do want to drive forward, but I also don’t want patellar issues in the future.

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