Friday, May 9, 2014

Sabbatical - Back to College

I wrote recently that I had decided on what to do for my sabbatical, and the first item on the list was learning something at a local college. Red Rocks Community College is renowned for their Fine Woodworking program, and I decided to take a class this summer from them.

The first step, however, was to register for college. That meant filling out an application and hoping that this would be smooth. While I wouldn’t mind taking the ACTs and seeing how much knowledge I’ve retained over the years, I’d prefer to have this happen quickly.

The process was fairly easy. I applied online, filling out lots of forms and the submitted them.

And waited.

I had thought I’d be moving in a day or two, but it took a few more than that. However finally I had my acceptance to college and I could get moving. Registering took a bit more time as I had to get through an orientation and take a quiz that helps new students get ready for college, but eventually I was able to register for Fine Woodworking 101.

It’s an intro class, but all of the really cool classes require this one and the summer actually didn’t have a lot of choices. I thought about woodturning, but decided that with my other project, I should make sure my fundamentals were sound. This also gives me the chance to ask questions if I have issues on my own.

Step 1, done.

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