Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Doing much better today, and yesterday. After laying in bed and working most of the day, with breaks for leg lifts and some work, I decided to try the bike again. Tia was picking up kids, so I got on and tried to spin a slow revolution. Unlike last time, I was able to easily get around.

I decided to lightly spin for a minute, and realized the seat was too high now. I lowered it a notch, then two, and it felt pretty good. I sat there, spinning on level 3, for 30 minutes. Level 3 is slight resistance, enough that over time I built up some sweat. However on any particular revolution, it barely felt like anything above free spinning.

That was good, and with some situps and leg lifts, it felt like I was working a bit. Things are still swollen, but I know it’s going down as I have to keep tightening the straps to keep the brace up.

Photo May 06, 2 18 15 PM

I’ve had it unwrapped when I’m in bed (not asleep) the last couple days, letting things air out when I don’t have ice on. It doesn’t look bad

Photo May 06, 2 18 26 PM

I’m hoping to not have too many scars. It should look better when I get stitches out tomorrow.

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