Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Security Sadness

I got this offer in email today.


My wife likes the X-Men, I’m not traveling, and this seemed like a good idea. I clicked and saw this page:


It’s from the Fandango domain, which I’ve used before. I have a United VISA. However I just can’t trust that I can actually enter this data in this form. It’s entirely possible this is a man in the middle attack, and that worries me.

It’s sad that I can’t trust things like this anymore. It’s the same reason I don’t even talk to telemarketers anymore. Even when it’s a good cause, I just can’t trust any random “offer” that comes to me. I’m sure that I can’t even trust those offers I find myself, but it’s going to be a problem more and more. Whether it impacts commerce, I don’t know. Entirely too many people don’t care about security and $20 in free movie stuff would have them typing in their credit card number.

I went to the United site and didn’t see the offer. I went to Fandango and same thing.

Oh well, I guess I’ll buy my own tickets.

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