Friday, May 2, 2014

PT Failure

I’m feeling a bit down, struggling with this lack of exercise. I’ve done some movement, some push ups, sit ups, but nothing that’s really sustained. Tia suggested I free spin on the bike a bit, and maybe I could just spend 15 minutes doing something to feel like I’m moving.

I tried when I got home and it was a failure. I can get the knee to bend to 90 degrees, but biking apparently requires more. I know because as me right leg when back and started to come up, it was right.

Then painful.

Then I almost yelped because I couldn’t get my left leg to stop pushing through the circle. I made it around, but stopped because that hurt.

I sat a few seconds and decided to try it again. I was watching my left leg carefully, working through the circle slowly. I slowed as I got near the top and again it was painful.

I almost gave up, but I am stubborn. I thought maybe if I went slow but steady it would loosen up.


At this point I did give up briefly. Tia texted me then and remembered how hard that was for her. I certainly agree its hard, but I can’t tell if it’s too hard and I’m slowing healing, or if I’m afraid and should push through the pain. I certainly can, but I decided I’d go slow. I went back, this time raising the seat as Tia suggested (duh, should have thought of that). I ended up here

Photo May 02, 2 36 17 PM

Tippy-toe on the pedal. Even then I decided a full revolution (I only tried one) was a bad idea. I went back and forth, pressing a bit higher on each one and things loosened up. The knee felt better overall, except at the top of the knee. That was knotted and tight.

After about 5 minutes I gave up and ended up here

Photo May 02, 2 47 30 PM

I slightly regret not renting the ice machine, but at nearly $200/wk, I’m thinking even a bad one is worth buying. Tia agrees, and I’m going to take a little time tonight and see what Amazon can offer.

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