Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stitches Out

I had my doctor’s appointment today to remove stitches and check out how things are going. I didn’t see the surgeon, but his PA checked things out and felt it was doing well. Still some swelling, but overall it’s good. He could straighten it and said that I could move to a lighter brace and wean myself off it over the next couple weeks to no brace for anything that’s not sports related.

That’s good. Means I can get going, hit the bike, do some walking, and get myself moving. I should hear from the PT company soon and once I get there, I can start pushing forward. I still am a little nervous about doing too much, but overall things are good.

A nurse took out my stitches, pressing a little hard on the leg and it was sore after. I had to run get oil changed and grabbed lunch, and when I got home, I was sore. Fortunately I saw this when I got home.


It’s a lower price ice machine for my leg. I put ice and water into the machine and it pumps water into a wrap for my knee. I filled it up and lay down with it for 20 minutes. Plug/unplug to get it on and off, no frills, but it worked great.

I hope to get walking soon, but this was the view this morning


Cold and snowy, which means muddy this afternoon. More snow potentially this weekend, so not sure I’ll be outside with the dogs until next week, but I can get on the bike and do some work, getting me moving.

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