Friday, May 23, 2014

Better and better

I’m almost at full flexion with my knee. When I went to PT this morning, and the therapist went to bend my leg, I was surprised that she could almost get my heel to touch my glutes. The top of my knee got tight, but no pain. She checked against my other leg, and it’s really close. No degree measurement, but it was close.

When she did it 4 or 5 times, however, then it ached a bit inside.

We did the exercises, and things felt good. Still working, but I think I need to up the reps over the weekend as a bunch of them are getting easier.

As I was leaving, I got an email from Tia, asking if I’d want to try crossfit with her. I agreed, and she sent me the workout of the day. She’d done it, and it didn’t look like much, but I thought I’d try it. Kendall agreed, and this afternoon she and I tried it.

15 minutes and we were out of breath and starting to sweat. It was surprisingly hard. I’m sure a week would make it easier, but it was a good workout for Kendall and I.

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