Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Slow Morning

Tia left early this morning for training with her volunteer riding patrol, so I slept in.

Until 7:30. Hard for me to go longer than that. I decided to start the day with ice. There was still ince in the cooler, so I ran that on my knee for a bit, watched a little TV, had coffee and ate, and did a little work, cleaning up some stuff for work I missed yesterday.

Then it was exercising the knee. Doing about 2/3 of my exercises today. I left a few for later, and also I forgot. Oh well, I distracted myself by watching a little guitar video while I was doing them, so no wonder. Then more ice on the knee. It wasn’t hurting as much, but trying to knock swelling down where I can.

Now time to get Delaney up to work and get to chores myself.

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