Saturday, May 10, 2014

Feeling Normal...Almost

A semi-lazy morning after a late night movie with Tia and the little ones. I got up slow, did a little work since yesterday was a semi-bust, and then went out to mess with weeds. This was the corner I started in.

And 30 minutes later, it was like this.

I was in jeans, brace on the leg, but doing much better moving around. As I was working, it felt fairly normal. That's until I got done. Then the knee was a bit sore and achey.

However, no rest for now. I have to go meet with a Scout for his Robotics merit badge, and sign him off, then hit Home Depot for some supplies and get back and try to replace at least one, maybe two sprinkler heads.

After that, definitely some time in bed with ice to relax before dinner with Tia.

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