Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chores and Projects

I started the day thinking I’d get some projects done, but as usual, things didn’t go my way. I started with a lazy morning and some coffee, watching a few videos on my biscuit joiner. I want to start on my sabbatical next weekend, so I wanted to get some things done.

However when I decided to knock out PT first, I realized my knee was sore. After I got done, I needed ice on the knee before I did anything. Since I was moving slow, I decided to take a few minutes on my drywall patch. I’m trying to fix a hole in our bedroom, so I sanded that and got it ready for texture.

That done, I went outside and saw the mower. That was my first project. I knew I had the new spark plug, and I was thinking if I could get this going, I’d get kids on it. I found my battery screw, put that in, and tried to start it, but no battery power.


Not sure if the battery has been somewhat trashed, but I jumped it again with the truck. I didn’t see a spark, but I shrunk the gap slightly and put it in there. A few cranks and it started. I let it run for a minute and disconnected the truck. I drove it around, thinking I’d get it started, but it died on my after a few minutes. Not sure what, but fortunately my portable jumper got it going. At that point I decided to just cut the front.

Then the back.  More time then I wanted, but the grass got cut.

Once that was done, I spent a few minutes playing with the plate joiner, building an angle jog for vertical registration. It was pretty easy, and we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I’ll use that to build a few drawers or maybe a shoe cabinet.

That being done, I was a little motivated. I thought about a biscuit drawer, but I had a few small pieces of plywood and they were too small for biscuits. So I decided to build a small router bit drawer. I was thinking I’d have something I could put into a cabinet later, and realized I should have planned things first. I ended up mucking it up and changing the design a few times, but it got done. Three bits stored, though nowhere to put the drawer for now.

I then finished my sawhorse, which is way too short. I need to measure how tall I want them and go from there. I’m thinking to use a different design I saw today, simpler, and probably easier to make taller. Two sawhorses are the plan for tomorrow.

That done, I took a short break and drove my car to town, getting the car moving and dropping off a package. I was feeling productive, and when I came home, I finally decided to make a crosscut sled. I’ve been struggling without one on a few cuts and so I took the HPDE plastic I had and cut runners. I was about to attach the base, but then decided to get a few hints on how to build one.

Laundry, and a crossfit workout that was hard and that’s my day. Now doing ice on the knee, alternating with laundry and cooking.

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