Friday, May 9, 2014

Relaxing after no brace

I got the go ahead for some walking without a brace, and slowly working my way out of using the brace at all. Last night I didn’t wear it overnight, and even got up a few times to go to the bathroom without any brace. I was nervous, and moving slow. I also found my leg sore and slightly unsteady in the middle of the night and first thing this morning.

I got the kids up, strapped a brace over my jeans (first time wearing jeans in two weeks), and when I got back, the leg was definitely sore. So I filled up my cooler

Photo May 09, 8 59 28 AM

Then I lay down strapping on the brace and got cold water flowing. That’s so nice.

Photo May 09, 9 02 11 AM

Working along in bed, relaxing. This is much better, and I should have done this first thing before surgery and been prepped. This will definitely help.

Now to get PT moving.

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