Thursday, May 29, 2014


Kendall was amazing at practice yesterday. Both Tia and I went, watching what feels like the first practice in a long time. There were only six girls there, and things were a little slow to start. They played 3 on 3 in a half court, and were moving a little slow and not too competitive to start, but then they started to warm up and really try to score.

Next was a few drills, where Kendall had some good hits all around. She hit outside left, and then from the middle both moving left and looping right around the setter. Not great sets often, but some good hits from her.

After an hour, the 15 National (2s) team came over and we had a scrimmage. Our girls have struggled to beat them, losing 6 or so in a row across the practices. They hung close in this one, until they finally tied it at 21-21. The went on to win 26-24, but Kendall was great. With only six, she rotated around, and while she was careful and hesitant to hit hard shots, her defense was great. Some nice saves, some really good digs and even a few bump sets that came from the back row over to the right spot. Our girls have struggled with that for sure.

There was a bit of time, so they also scrimmaged a mixed 16 Elite (1s) and a 15 and an older girl and got killed, but our girls were tired and the 16s are also going to Nationals next month.

All in all a great practice, and hoping that Kendall feels confident (she said she was) and fitter from the cross fit.

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